Our Process

Our core equity process is centered around buying high-quality companies with strong fundamentals that will thrive in a strong economic environment but are well captialized to endure a decline in economic activity. We put particular emphasis on companies that are market leaders in their respective sectors with further emphasis on earnings quality and growth. We also target what we believe to be emerging leaders in the mid-cap category. As a top-down manager, we are not sector neutral but will generally not exceed two times the S&P sector weight.

Our approach is beneficial in at least three ways . . .


We typically use 100% individual securities to keep your total costs down.


We actively manage your portfolio in a manner that is consistent with your goals.


We do not employ "one-size-fits-all" prepackaged investments or mutual funds to achieve your objectives.

Put all of these investment attributes together and add our high-touch client service, and you have a powerful partner on your team.



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